Marvel Tool

Marvel Tool V 7.4

Free for all, requires Smart card

What’s new in V7.4

Marvel Tool

- Improve operations and logs
- Fix some bugs
- Add auto search comports check button



- Improve MTP Operations and logs
- Added auto open youtube (Auto detect mtp device)
- Added Read MTP Info check button in SAMSUNG brand



- Added brands with models combobox
- Added search for model
- Added boot MTK devices with custom EMI / Preloader
- Added General Method check button
- Added Disable DM-Verity
- Added Crash preloader to brom
- Added List partitions using custom EMI / Prealoder


- Improve Logs & Operations
- Added Auto boot with brand & model
- Added Auto detect storage type
- Added Reboot after flash check button
- Added Backup OEMinfo & Reset Huawei ID
- Added Retore OEMinfo


- Added select firmware files from folder OneClick
- Improve firmware files view
- Added Remove Verizon Apps


- Added Remove Sprint Apps
- Added Remove T-Mobile Apps
- Added Remove AT&T Apps
- Added Read Info (Download Mode)